Our team often works with Montreal home owners who are in need of cleaning their home after discovering that their gutters have become traps for a variety of dirt, twigs, rocks, leaves, and more. However, upon closer inspection, many are shocked to realize that their gutters have been visited by far more than dirt and dust.

Creatures and critters of various kinds love to utilize the gutters of Montreal homes as an easy way to reach the roof and make nests across the home. Wondering what kinds of creatures may be found in your very own gutters? Let’s take a look!


The first unwanted guest you may find are the ones you are likely to find lurking around other parts of your home. Mice and other small rodents love to find dark places where they can nest – and your roof or attic can be the jackpot for these small critters.

If mice gain access to your gutters, they will begin to make these natural highways their main way of bringing leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris in and out of your home. Some may even choose to make your gutter system or downspouts their nest as the gutters continue to clog up with sticks.

As the gutters begin to get full, you will experience clogging that will cause water to pool on your roof or overflow in the wrong spots. You may also begin to see the added weight lead begin to stress the gutters and cause them to begin to pull away or break from the fascia boards – which can leave you with uneven gutters or a full replacement.


You may not realize it, but birds can be quite the menace when it comes to house gutters and roofs! Birds may not do much damage intentionally to gutters, but their constant need to nest will find them bringing all kinds of leaves, twigs, and other detritus up to your gutters.

As birds bring debris up to uncovered gutters, the result can be a roof covered in dirt, grime, and yard waste. This can reduce your gutter’s efficiency in moving water from the roof down and away from your home. They can also cause clogs in your gutters and downspouts, and leave quite the unsightly mess of droppings all over your gutters!

Termites & Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes may not be that damaging to your gutters, they can be a sign that there is water pooling in your gutters or on your roof. If debris clogs up your gutter, water can begin to build up in spots and draw mosquitoes. Mosquito infestations can be an annoying nuisance to your home, and potentially carry disease.

Similarly to mosquitoes, termites are not that dangerous to your gutters – but can point to problems elsewhere. If you discover termites setting up residence in or near your gutters, they may be feasting on nearby fascia board and other wood portions of your roof or gutter system. The terrible reality of termites is that by the time you notice a problem, the damage will likely be done. Destroyed fascia boards can cause your gutters to rot away and fall off.

Chipmunks & Squirrels

On the bigger end of the critter spectrum are squirrels and chipmunks. If your home is located near trees or wooded areas, or squirrels are a regular occurrence around your property, it is vital that you make sure your gutters are protected.

Similar to mice, squirrels and chipmunks love to invade gutters on homes to avoid predators lurking below. When left to their own devices, these creatures will begin to build nests in your gutters and can quickly cause clogs or extraneous weight. In some cases, chipmunks and squirrels can find themselves trapped in downspouts – leading to a smelly and messy clean up job.

In order to prevent chipmunks and squirrels from setting up shop in your gutters, consider keeping your trees trimmed back at least three feet from your gutters. A trained gutter cleaning team can be a great help in providing techniques and methods for preventing large rodents from invading your gutters.

Trust Montreal’s Leading Gutter Cleaning Experts

Throughout the year, there are plenty of times that you will want to ensure that your gutters are clean and clear from debris and detritus that critters love to make their home. If left unattended, you never know who may set up shop and begin to damage your gutters and roof.

Take the fear out of your gutter care with the experts at Lavco. Our team of trained and experienced gutter cleaning professionals have seen it all – so you know you can trust them to clean, fix, and repair and gutter problems caused by wear, tear, and nature’s creatures.