Wondering what time of the year is best for some window TLC? Let’s break down how you can keep your windows clear and sparkling year-round.

Every homeowner loves the look and feel of clean sparkling window panes on their home. Why then, do so few home owners take advantage of window cleaning services? For some, the thought of investing time and resources into deep-cleaning windows may not seem worthwhile. Others simply don’t know the many benefits that come with window cleaning.

However, most simply don’t think about taking care of this vital part of property care and maintenance until it’s the wrong season to complete it.

‘Tis The Season for Window Washing

As you know, Montreal is known for dramatic and unexpected seasonal weather changes that can wreak havoc on your home. With so much unexpected weather, it can be difficult to determine the best time for cleaning your window.

At Lavco, one of the most common reasons we receive for home owners avoiding window cleaning is fear of the next weather system blowing through and ruining their crystal-clear clean. The time and money that can be spent on window cleaning may seem unnecessary or wasteful if you believe that they will simply get streaked and grimy again!

While you can’t control the weather, you can control when and how well your windows are cleaned. In fact, with the right kind of cleaning solution, your windows can withstand even the unexpected weather changes that our region is known for.

Those who do clean their windows often believe that the spring season is the best time to wipe down the eyes of their home. With spring being associated with the season for cleaning and renewal, spring often becomes a season of best intentions for home care and maintenance. Those who want to reduce the amount of pollutants and pollen that may accumulate during the spring and early summer may give their windows a quick washdown to avoid gaining an unsightly yellow film.

But, you may ask, isn’t spring also a time when rainstorms pay a visit? What if I don’t want rain streaks to smear my windows? Should I wait until the rainy season passes?

While you may think that rainy weather is the culprit for messy windows, this is actually not entirely accurate. While some rain can pick up dirt from parts of the country and leave streaks on your window, most rainstorms are actually fairly clean! Streaks only appear when the hidden dirt that has accumulated on your windows interacts with the evaporated water on the surface – leaving unwanted streaks. This is why cleaning your windows fully before the rainy season arrives may be your best bet!

In the summer and fall, many homeowners invite friends and family over to enjoy the weather – another great time for clean windows. The longer days are also a great time to take advantage of professional window cleaning.

The Best Time to Clean Your Windows? Right Now.

As you can see, every season brings a reason to have clean and clear windows on your property. From cozy nights inside to summertime gatherings outdoors, clean windows can help let the light in while giving you a clear look inside and out. However, every window requires a special clean that is suited to their particular purpose and manufacturing.

Not sure where to begin, or looking for a quality, trained team to take care of your window cleaning needs? Trust the team at Lavco to help! As the Montreal’s leading window cleaning service, our team of trained and experienced experts will ensure that every window on your property is cleaned inside and out – with a 100% customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions, contact the team at Lavco today to learn more about our full set of services that will help you enjoy your home even more!